From the late Seventies Carlo Marchi and Silvano Scarpelli have been managing the company, therefore taking up the challenge started by their great-great grandfather Ferruccio Marchi, and again put innovation research at the core of their projects of to create quality value.

In 1984 Marchi, under the name of Marchi Industriale S.p.A., takes the configuration of holding and (initially) incorporates a number of companies in central and southern Italy, specialized in the transformation of chemicals according to their marketing.

Currently, the chemical activity of the Marchi Group is concentrated in the factory of Marano Veneziano, where two systems for the production of potassium sulphate and hydrochloric acid, a system for the production of sulphuric acid from elemental sulphur, obtained through catalytic process, a system for the production of LAS (sulphonic acid) and a bagging line of water soluble fertilizers have been built.

Only case in Italy, a system for the production of high-purity sulphuric acid: the “reagent grade” or “analytical purity”, is designed and implemented.

Four production lines of FLOMAR®, the product used directly in the production process of the paper industry and as flocculant for water treatment and clarification are added to these systems.

In 2004, with the birth of Essemar S.p.A., the result of a joint venture with Esseco Group Srl, and aimed at the construction of a factory for the manufacturing and sale of sulphuric acid and oleum with a capacity of 150,000 t/year at the production site of San Martino di Trecate (Novara), Marchi Industriale takes a leading role in the domestic market of sulphuric acid.

A further diversification and important step in the Marchi Group’s activity regards the development of a specific know-how for the manufacture of potassium sulphate.

Drawing on the experience gained over the years and in the perspective of creating innovation and better opportunities, Marchi Industriale has developed a technologically advanced industrial process for the manufacture of potassium sulphate. This know-how is used by both Marchi in its production site of Marano and by the engineering company Desmet Ballestra for the construction and sale of systems for third parties.

Today Marchi Industriale is a leader in Italy in the production of potassium sulphate.

In 2010, the Group undertook a new initiative in the field of renewable energy with the incorporation of Marchi Energia Srl, appealing to the possibility to:

  • Transfer the technical and system know-how deriving from the main business in the renewable energies sector.
  • Invest in an opportunistic and fast way in the countries, where there are the most interesting rate conditions, owing to know-how, decision-making speed and availability of capitals to invest full equity, without getting into debts.

Marchi Energia operates as sub-holding company of renewable energy business

In 2013, within the objective of diversification and development of activities, GM Green Methane (GM) was born from the meeting between the Marchi Group and the Giammarco Vetrocoke Group. The company has developed its own technology for the purification of biogas to biomethane, process in which the removal of the carbon dioxide contained in the biogas is the main operation.

In the same year Marchi Finanziaria S.r.l. was born from the merging of Carlo Marchi e Gioia Falck’s assets and it is the holding company of the Marchi family and the controlling shareholder of Marchi Industriale, with a 63.9398% participation.

On the 4th of May 2017 Marchi Industriale has achieved the Elite Certificate of Borsa Italiana.

Besides managing both the core business and the two related plants, one located in Marano Veneziano, the other in Trecate, the Group singled out a further important means of diversification and growth of activities in special fertilizers sector, where th newly-created Marchi Agro S,p,A, takes over the role of sub-holding of the agricolture division.

Today, at the head of the Marchi Group there are Massimo Scarpelli and Ferruccio Marchi, joined by Filippo Marchi and Federico Marchi.

The operational centre of the Group is located in Florence, in one of the most charming areas of the city.