Inorganic flocculant

Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide with high basic features

FLOMAR® C-1 is a high-performing liquid inorganic flocculant, completely miscible in water, whose active principle is constituted by a polymer complex of hydroxy-aluminium ions. Its high basicity, achieved through a low-temperature alkalization process, makes the product suitable to the treatment of any type of water.


FLOMAR® C-1 is supplied in aqueous solution in order to simplify transport, storage and dosage. Its advantages compared to traditional flocculants with lower basicity are:

- Higher flocculant power, due to the formation of larger flakes, with a resulting higher sedimentation rate;

- More easily filterable decanted mud;

- High effectiveness in a wide pH range, which makes the use of neutralizing agents, such as caustic soda or lime unnecessary;

- Lower decrease in treated water pH;

- Higher reduction of turbidity with the same active principle expressed as Al2O3, with consequent saving of reactive;

- Good performance at low temperatures;

- In case of overdoses, an increase in the turbidity of the treated water is not to be reported, therefore making it suitable for water, whose suspended solids content varies suddenly and casually;

- Besides the clarification there is also a drastic abatement of COD and of phosphorus concentration in treated water


FLOMAR® C-1 is compliant with the "Type 1" category of the European Standard EN883:2004 (Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption - Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide and Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide sulfate), as well as with the technical specifications of the UNICHIM C-5 Technical Sheet (Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption - Polyaluminium chloride hydroxide sulfate), therefore it can be used in water treatment plants with excellent results.


FLOMAR® C-1 can be dosed as is or diluted. In this latter case, the dilution water should always be demineralized or distilled.


FLOMAR® C-1, if properly stored, can be considered stable over time. It is recommended, however, in order to retain all the properties of the product, to carry out a thorough cleaning of storage tanks at least every 6 months. It is also good practice not to keep the product for periods longer than 3 months.

It was observed that certain substances present in the plastic (PE or PP) of new containers intended to contain FLOMAR® C-1 may in some cases trigger a crystallization process of the product, with the formation of a white drag that settles on the bottom of the container. The formation of this precipitate, which however does not alter the characteristics of the product in any way, can be avoided by using containers that have already contained the product or that have been cleaned up with a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid.


FLOMAR® C-1 is produced through a completely inorganic dedicated process based on acid digestion of Al(OH)3. Only demineralized water is used, and all the other raw materials are obtained by using inorganic processes, therefore FLOMAR® C-1 is completely free from organic impurities.


FLOMAR® C-1 is supplied in tankers from 12 to 28 tons.

All equipment in contact with the product, from storage to dosage, should be in acid-resistant material.

For handling and any other information concerning users' safety and health of, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, which should be peremptorily requested at the time of the first order.


· Titre: 10% Al2O3
· Molecular weight: variable
· Appearance: colourless or slightly straw-yellow clear liquid
· Odour: typical
· pH (20°C -5% sol.): 3.5 - 4.5
· Boiling point: 105°C
· Freezing point: -11°C
· Solubility: complete in water and alcohols
· Relative density (20°C): 1.22 g/cm3
· Viscosity (20°C): 4 cP

For any other information on FLOMAR® C-1 supply conditions or modalities of use, the following telephone numbers are available:

Sales Office of Florence: +39 / 055 / 47.55.41

Sales Office of Marano Veneziano: +39 / 041 / 56.74.260

Quality Control Laboratory: +39 / 041 / 56.74.216

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