Marchi Industriale S.p.A.'s Sulphuric Acid for Accumulators is obtained by a modern contact catalytic process, which uses pure sulphur in elemental form as raw material. This type of production process, combined with adequate arrangements for storage, with checks on both the finished product, on raw materials, and on intermediate production, ensure a high degree of purity appreciated by all leading companies in the production of accumulators.


Chemical Name: Concentrated Sulphuric Acid

EC Index no. 016-020-00-8

EINECS no. 231-639-5

CAS no. 7664-96-9


Marchi Industriale S.p.A.'s Sulphuric Acid for Accumulators is supplied in aqueous solution in two typical concentrations: 96% and 99% H2SO4. It's a synthesis acid with a high degree of purity, emphasised by a very limited content of metals, in particular iron, manganese, vanadium, nickel and chromium.


There are many areas in which this product can be profitably used. By way of example, we could quote the following potential uses:

- Filling of lead batteries;
- Reagent for pharmaceutical and food industries;
- Raw material in different industrial chemical processes;
- Raw material in the manufacture of cleaning products;
- Treatments for water cleaning and disinfection;
- Reactive for the paper industry;
- Synthesis of fertilizers, pesticides, pigments, plastics, synthetic fibres and explosives.


The Sulphuric Acid for Accumulators is supplied in 28-ton tankers.

All equipment in contact with the product, from storage to dosage, should be in stainless steel or suitable acid-resistant material. For handling and any other information concerning users' safety and health, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, which should be peremptorily requested at the time of the first order.


- Formula: H2 - S - O4
- Titre: 96 - 99% H2SO4
- Molecular weight: 98.07
- Appearance: clear, colourless liquid
- Odour: odourless
- Boiling point (96% solution): 296°C
- Boiling point (98% solution): 315°C
- Freezing point (96% solution): - 20°C
- Freezing point (98% solution): 3°C
- Melting point (96% solution): -10°C
- Melting point (98% solution): 0°C
- Solubility: complete in water with strong heat development
- Relative density (20°C - 96% solution): 1.836 g/cm3

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